Hi, I’m Kyle

I’m a Washington DC Web Developer, a lover of WordPress specializing in custom-pushing-the-boundries themes, a passionate Front End developer, and a former instructor at GA.

I’m currently redesigning my website, so there isn’t much here right now. While I get my act together, checkout my portfolio below, my DIY Bootstrap based WordPress theme, my cool plugin Tidy Templates, or contact me.

My portfolio


sleep.org vb_sprite digitialdc.co Digital Learning Now teamboehner_logo coa_sprite aea_sprite

Designed and Developed

gpg gpg hfitm rtattoos berger bordallo cardenas emerson fresh hg joshrichey sarah

Features Developed

logo-travel-effect brt_logo

The Process

  1. Learn about your current website and what you want.
  2. Brainstorm ways to improve your system or build you a great website.
  3. Propose our ideas and get feedback.
  4. Build the proposed website.
  5. Touch up, make small changes, fix any bugs.
  6. Launch time!

The first thing we do is learn as much about your needs as possible. We check out your current website, look at examples of what you like, explore your work flow, and listen to your thoughts. We want to get to know your business as well as we can!

After we’ve learned everything we can, we share our findings and brainstorm ways to improve your website or design something new!

We dont like to waste time so when we have a good idea and design for your new system we run it past you before we even think of building it. We iron out the details, agree on schedule and prices, and refine our design to fit your needs and wants. If our propsal doesnt work for you, we head back to the brainstorming phase.

Time for the dirty work. We like to break down our creation phase into steps and make sure we are all on the same page each step of the way.

Need small changes? Find a bug? Want to add a small feature? Need your old page copy migrated over? We’d be happy to polish up your new website for you!

Now that everything is created, fixed up, and polished and shining its time to launch your finished website!